We help businesses use an evidence strategy to grow more profitably

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We show you how to use outcomes research, behavior change science, and thought leadership to improve your competitive advantage and grow.   

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Improve your business with an evidence strategy

We help businesses use outcomes research and thought leadership for their competitive advantage


Data, research, insights, and behavior change science are powerful tools to help your company improve its products, consumer engagement, outcomes, and overall value proposition. You may think that research is for academic centers, but we can show you how to improve your business with research. We specialize in helping wellness, health improvement, and digital therapeutic companies generate evidence to support product claims and win business. 

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Our Approach


We listen and learn so that we can provide you with 

custom recommendations that fit your company.  

We are flexible and adaptive and understand 

that business needs can change.  

We respect your budget and time knowing that both are precious.  

Why Us?


We have expertise working with employers, health systems, 

payors, state and federal agencies, academia, and pharma. 

We have a proven track record of helping companies 

grow revenue and become market leaders.

As scientists and behavior change experts, we know how to 

improve engagement and health behaviors.

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inZights Consulting, LLC is based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  

We serve health, wellness, or digital technology companies in the US looking to demonstrate and improve outcomes.

inZights Consulting, LLC.

Seattle, WA

(206) 334-3723 suezbikowski@inzights-consulting.com


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